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Oper8ly is your property management partner. A one-stop-shop for all your administrative and operational needs whether you are a start-up, S&M business or a large corporation.

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Hard Services:

Maintenance Read More
Activities that include keeping spaces, structures, equipment, and infrastructure in proper operating condition with a scheduled, or anticipated manner. 
Landscaping Read More
Creating and maintaining functional, appealing, healthy, and clean land spaces and commuting areas to consistently keep the beautiful image that increases property value. 
Procurement Read More
Involves the process of selecting vendors, setting up payment terms, and acquiring all of the products, services that are essential to any firm. 
Space Planning Read More
A central element of the interior design process that begins with an in-depth analysis of space ideal utilization and the activities that will take place in every zone.

Soft Services:

Cleaning Read More
Using a wide variety of cleaning methods, chemicals, tools, and equipment to facilitate the cleaning process and ensure a sanitary and hygiene environment.
Security & Safety Read More
All the activities and measures that have to be taken to insure a safe and secured working environment, and avoid any expected risks.
Managment Read More
The management of all of the processes, people, tools, and assets that are required for a facility to fully perform as it is supposed to.
Recruitment Read More
Transferring all or part of the recruitment processes to an external service provider which reduce cost, time, and all HR headaches
Location Advise Read More
Helping in choosing new office or relocating by making a deep analysis to find the best match for your business. In addition to property assessment services.

Why oper8ly ?

Oper8ly ’s experience is unparalleled in providing quality, timely, and cost-effective solutions for all sectors and industries whether you are a startup, S&M, or large enterprise.

Oper8ly helps you to gear all resources towards the core business while Oper8ly handles all support functions and the burden of those marginal activities in a seamless and effective manner through signing one contract and dealing with one single point-of-contact (POC).

Oper8ly is a game changer in your financial equations, advancing core company processes, as well as increasing ROI with a result-oriented focus while always focused on achieving the maximum optimization and utilization of existing resources.

At Oper8ly ethics, honesty, responsibility, respect and passion are codes that we live by and values that drive our business relations with our teams, clients and partners and we are committed to providing the highest levels of objectivity and professionalism.  

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